Statewide Constitutional Change

Currently, Pennsylvania’s governmental and legal apparatus is being used to deny Community Rights. Oppressive state legislation (link to PA Preemption history) and a constitutional structure that favors corporate rights above Community Rights prevent Pennsylvania communities from having a say on the issues that are most important to them. Until Pennsylvania communities are liberated to protect their health and safety, they will remain the subjects of their corporate-driven legislature (link to Passage of Act 13.)The goal of both the model state legislation and constitutional amendments is to provide templates for state-level change. That state-level change envisions the liberation of municipalities and communities to expand civil and political rights for individuals and communities, recognize the rights of nature, and elevate those rights above the “rights” currently claimed by corporations and other business entities.

The materials within the State Law Center should not be construed to be the offering of legal advice or lobbying by the Community Environmental Legal Defense Fund.

–> Model Pennsylvania Community Rights Constitutional Amendments

–> Model Pennsylvania Community Rights Legislation